Choose Brush Cutter Blade For Blackberries (Helpful Tips To Use Brush Cutter)

If you have the right tools, thinning undesirable blackberry bushes and other weedy shrubs is easier and more effective. A brush cutter is a helpful tool for cleaning dense blackberry bushes. A sturdy frame, broadheads, and a powerful battery make brush cutters able to do this. Therefore, choosing a good brush cutter is essential to improve work productivity in your garden. This post will discuss how to choose a brush cutter blade for blackberries and using a brush cutter to cut blackberries.

Factors Of The Best Brush Cutter For Blackberries

Brush mowers have the same functionality and structure as standard wire trimmers (or weed eaters). However, some of the main differences make them suitable for cutting blackberries. 

You should consider the type of brush cutter when buying it. The suitable one will have a tilted handlebar relative to the axis to balance the weight. You may have to bear the total weight on your back if you take another.

You also need to consider the amount of fuel and emissions while cleaning your garden. It would help if you balanced the weight and power of the brush cutter. If your garden is too large, we recommend using the one with flexibility. If your garden has too many stiff bushes, you should choose the one with outstanding strength.

The brush cutter’s product evaluation should also consider the quality, cutting ability, engine power, value for money, structure, safety features, and other details. When choosing a brush cutter at the store, you may mention those factors to the staff. They will suggest ones that are perfect for fighting blackberries in the garden.

We will discuss some factors in detail as below:

  • Price

Today there are many enterprises selling brush cutters on the market. That leads to more choices for you to consider. It would be best if you did not insist that the one with the highest price will perform its task most effectively. There are brush cutters that are more affordable and offer a more pleasant user experience.

  • Brand

You should choose the brush blade brand that is of good quality and provides customer service thoughtfully. A leading brand with good service will accurately ensure the quality of the product. Besides, they also offer customers a good warranty, refund, and advice policies.

  • Characteristics

Before deciding to buy a product, you must know its characteristics. We recommend you choose a brush cutter blade that meets your requirements. Parts of the product will demonstrate its working capabilities. There is a vast selection of features. You can select the most appropriate one. Consider the price, performance, and features before buying to take full advantage of the value for money.

  • Product design

Material, color, and weight will contribute to the product’s overall design. A perfect option will satisfy both your needs and your taste.

Helpful Tips To Pick Up The Best Brush Cutter For Blackberries

You may consider the following tips when choosing a brush cutter blade:

  • When you do not have experience operating complex devices, you should select a brush cutter blade type with a simple start.
  • A powerful and agile engine can be good. However, do not prioritize strength over the one you easily carry away. Choose a lightweight and flexible one.
  • Using shoulder pads to work with a brush cutter is necessary to reduce the weight that hurts and injures you.
  • Ensure your brush cutter’s handlebars can be angled relative to the shaft to enhance security and wellbeing.
  • Look for a foldable brush cutter if you like neatness and flexibility.
  • As an environmental lover, you should choose to buy a brush cutter with low emissions to avoid polluting the atmosphere.

Will A Brush Cutter Cut Blackberries

What makes blackberries challenging to clean by hand is their sharp thorns. Unlike roses, they grow more densely and snugly. If only done by hand, it will be time-consuming, and the thorns can tear your skin. Using a brush cutter with the appropriate blade will make it easier to expel the blackberry bushes quickly. Besides, choosing a good brush cutter blade will save your work and money.

Ways To Use A Brush Cutter To Cut Blackberries

Step 1: Wear gloves to protect your hands from scratches before cleaning work. We suggest using leather gloves. Also, wear a goggle to prevent debris from hurting your eyes.

Step 2: Ensure fuel is complete in the brush cutter’s compartment. An entire fuel compartment helps it work at total capacity and be more efficient.

Step 3: Wear a shoulder harness and adjust it to fit your body comfortably. You can check its tightness by carefully slipping the brush cutter out of your hands to ensure it doesn’t hit the floor. The harness will help balance the weight of the device and control it even if you release it from your hands.

Step 4: Hold the brush cutter tightly with both hands and turn on the switch. Place it about 30 – 36 inches above the ground. Then, move the blade to 2 sides to ensure it cuts into the outer layer of the blackberries. Let’s clean up the outer layer first, then move into the inner layer. Even if your tool is long enough to go inside the blackberry, start following the above procedure.

Step 5: Continue sweeping the blade in an arc from the outside to the inside. This way helps you thin the plant layer quickly and efficiently. This scanning also minimizes the need for your mower to succumb to sturdy branches.

Step 6: If you want to go back to cleaning up the blackberries, the most appropriate time is in winter. At this time, you can prune layers of young shoots easily. Move the brush cutter 12 to 14 inches from the surface, keeping the same arcing motion. To capture as many vines as possible, alternate between horizontal and vertical movements.

Blackberries with STIHL

Suppose you’re looking for a high-quality hedge trimmer. In that case, STIHL’s trimmers are simple to use and offer excellent value for money, whether battery or gas-powered. These powerful trimmers can easily handle thorny blackberries and are versatile and lightweight enough to spruce up your garden.

Suppose you’re searching for a good hedge trimmer. In that case, STIHL’s trimmers, whether battery or gas-powered, are easy to use and offer excellent value. These powerful trimmers can easily handle thorny blackberries and are flexible and light enough to tidy up your garden.


Each brush cutter blade will be suitable for cutting each different type of plant. You will have a hard time using the wrong type. Therefore, consider all your factors and needs to choose the type of brush cutter blades specifically for blackberry. We hope the information in this post will help you Choose Brush Cutter Blade For Blackberries and clean up the rough plant bushes in your garden.

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