Get Ready for Seedy Saturday 2015!

Get your seeds ready, Seedy Saturday is February 28, 2015, 10am – 3pm.
The location is Pioneer Memorial United Church, 1974 King St E, Hamilton.

The Hamilton Community Garden Network, Green Venture and Neighbour-2-Neighbour Centre will be hosting this event inspired by Seeds of Diversity Canada featuring seed vendors and exchanges, garden workshops, community groups, refreshments, and the chance to win great prizes.

Don’t forget to bring your old seeds to for our huge seed and plant swap! Trade seeds and find something exciting and new to grow this year!

Click here to learn more about the workshops, vendors and raffle prizes!

It is a fundraiser so we can host more great events so please come ready to make donations for chances to win great prizes!

Interested in volunteering? We can always use an extra set of hands at the event.
Please contact Katie Stiel ( to sign-up and help out!

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Seedy Saturday 2014 – Big success!

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Saturday, February 22nd at Pioneer Memorial Church (1974 King St E) for our 5th annual Seedy Event!

Photo by Mathew Eng

Seed vendors at Seedy Saturday 2014

“The spirit is amazing – the connections for seeds and info is excellent” – Seedy Saturday 2014 participant

We had about 500 people join us to:

  • Exchange seeds (thousands of seeds were swapped)
  • Attend the workshops (about 100 people learned something new)
  • Take part in the penny raffle (with 22 prizes)
  • Visit the 21 vendors and exhibitors
  • Ask our experts questions, ranging from seed saving to bee friendly plants
  • Play in the kids area and plant their own seeds
  • Make donations for next year’s event (we raised over $1400!)
  • Guess how many popcorn kernels were in the 2L Mason Jar (the answer was 10,518 kernels!)

Thank you our amazing volunteers
Seedy Saturday had 24 volunteers put in more than 110 hours to help make the event a success. They did all kinds of jobs including keeping the seed swap organized, helping vendors and exhibitors with their displays, giving people directions and folding extra seed envelopes.

Photo by Mathew Eng

Checking out raffle prizes at Seedy Saturday 2014

Thank you to our sponsors and funders
Each year we are lucky to have so many different organizations, businesses and people support Seedy Saturday. Thank you to everyone who supported this year’s event:

The Ontario Trillium Foundation
The Bauta Family Initiative on Seed Security, a project of USC Canada and

The Cottage Gardener • Seeds of Diversity • Tree and Twig Heirloom Vegetable Farm • Your Private Gardener • Matchbox Garden & Seedy Company • JayDancin • The Plant Lady • A New Leaf Farm • Hawthorn Seeds • Red Hill Coffee • Hamilton Sustainable Victory Gardens • Bike Locke • Textures Craftworks • Democracy • Earth to Table Bread Bar • Hamilton Farmer’s Market • Sprout Camp • Josh Gordon Creative • Monica La Vella and Cold Rock Events

Value of In-Kind Donations (raffle prizes, services, etc): Over $1500!

We can’t say thank you enough to everyone who helps makes our Seedy events happen! We hope to see you at Seedy Saturday/Sunday 2015!

Photo by Mathew Eng

Zinnia seeds for swapping at Seedy Saturday 2014

Try something new in your garden this spring!

If you are anything like me than you are always trying new varieties of vegetables and herbs in your garden. Also, if you are like me, this is the time of year to drool over seed catalogs, sort through old seeds and get excited about Seedy Saturday (for details on Hamilton’s Seedy Saturday visit:

Trying new plants doesn’t always work and but below are a few of my favourites for you to try so you can add a little something different into your garden this year:


Romanesco has to be one of the coolest looking things you can grow in your garden. This member of the cabbage family grows a head that looks and tastes like a cross between Broccoli and Cauliflower. The plants grow similar to Cauliflower, with the head tucked beneath some leaves in the centre of the plant. The best part about Romanesco is the amazing fractal artwork that form on the head; when you look closely you can see it is covered in little spiral patterns.

Wild Bergamot (Bee Balm)

Bergamot is an amazing plant, growing pretty tall (up to 3′) and putting out a large amount of purple flowers. As you get close to a flowering Bergamot plant you can actually hear the buzzing from all the bees it attracts. I have never seen as many bees on one plant as I have with Bergamot. The flowers also smell great and can be made into tea.

Lima Beans

Lima Beans are more finicky than most other beans you can grow in your garden but they are worth the effort. Lima Beans grow a little different than bush or pole beans, almost like you mixed the two together and got a wispy bushy plant. The beans form in fuzzy pods which grow so abundantly they cause the plant to droop over. You can eat the beans fresh or let them dry by pulling up the whole plant (before frost) and hanging it upside.


Melons are one of the best parts about summer; snacking on a fresh melon on a hot day is so refreshing. We are lucky, there are a huge variety of melons or all shapes and sizes that can be grown in the Hamilton area including: Watermelon, Cantalope, Bitter Melon, Honey Dew and more. Make sure to give melon plenty of space to grow because these plants grow like squash and tend to take over.

Colours and shapes and sizes… Oh my!
Not sure you want to try something completely new? Many vegetables and herbs come in different colours, shapes and sizes. Adding variety and colour to your garden is easy, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Purple, red, white and yellow carrots
  • Orange, white, yellow and black cherry tomatoes
  • Blue potatoes
  • Yellow and striped beets
  • Black, pink and white radishes

Come to Seedy Saturday and find something to new grow!
February 22nd, 11am – 4pm
Pioneer Memorial Church, 1974 King Street East, Hamilton

Featuring a seed swap and seed vendors, gardening workshops, kids activities, refreshments and a chance to win great prizes.

Go to our event page for all the details: